10 Easy Hacks For Those Who Love To Keep Things Neat And Clean


Whether you’re a neat freak or you simply hate to make a mess, you probably love to keep your house clean and organized. You’re too busy to go around deep-cleaning every area of your home. Plus, you have better things to do, right? So here are 10 cleaning hacks that will ensure that your house is spotless, especially if you’re in a time crunch.

Wax On, Wax Off

Source: Pinterest

Faucets glimmer and shine after you clean them. Don’t you ever wish you could keep them looking like that for longer? Well, you can! By rubbing wax paper over them, you can achieve eye-catching shine. The wax paper will also make faucets more resistant to water stains.

Pledge Till It Shines

Source: Genial Wohnen

If you have a stainless-steel fridge or stove, you can make it as clean and as shiny as the day you bought it by cleaning it with Pledge. It’s so good you’ll see your own reflection!


Clean Your Headlights

Source: Desguaces Herbón

Toothpaste isn’t just good for your teeth. It also works great on your car’s headlights! You can either use a toothbrush or a piece of cloth to remove the filthy muck that’s keeping your lights from shining through.

Bye Bye Stovetop Spume

Source: Pinterest

Do you wind up with stovetop spume after your pot overflowed while cooking? Don’t sweat it, Monica! Simply grab a wet rag and some baking soda, and rub away all that icky froth. It’s so simple. It’s magical!

Make Glass Showers Clear Again

Source: Metaspoon

Rid your glass shower doors of water stain buildup with panty hose. Seriously! It gets rid of soap scum and water marks like magic.

Degrease Your Cabinets

Source: Selex

If the wooden cabinets above your stove have gotten greasy, then clean ’em up with a mixture of water, olive oil, and vinegar. You’ll never be embarrassed by greasy cabinets again.

Clean Your Shower Head

Source: KiwiReport

Fill a bag with white distilled vinegar and wrap it around your shower head. All it needs to do now is sit there overnight, so it can get rid of all that gunk and other nasty buildup. By the time you wake up, you’ll have a brand new shower head… well, almost!

Disinfect Your Toilet Brush

Source: Pinterest

Want to keep your toilet brush holder from smelling worse than a dirty toilet at a truck stop? Add some Pine-Sol or other disinfectant on the holder. Then dump and replace every week.

Clean Your Dishwasher

Source: Puras Manualidades

Pour some Lemonade Kool-Aid into your dishwasher’s detergent cup. It’ll help get rid of iron stains and remove lime deposits in the process, which’ll make you wonder, what’s in the Kool-Aid?

Nuke Your Sponge

Source: Maid To Sparkle

Place your sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes on high, and it will kill over 99 percent of germs. This means you’ll actually feel comfortable using it the next time you wash dishes. Germs away!

Do you have a cleaning hack that your swear by? C’mon! Let us know 🙂


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10 Easy Hacks For Those Who Love To Keep Things Neat And Clean

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