10 Shocking First Dates That People Actually Experienced


First dates will often go one of two ways. They’ll either be a win-win, or they’ll ruin your day. Unfortunately, dating can quickly turn sour, especially when you’re setting up a date with a total wacko! You might have been looking for someone adventurous and good looking, only to find out that sometimes, we can’t really judge a book by its cover. Oh no! We have to sit down for an hour during an awkward dinner date and find out that disappointment comes in many shapes and forms. So check out these people’s first date stories. Hopefully, you can avoid having a messed up first date like these!

Womb Raider

A user went on Whisper, a social media app that allows people to anonymously post confessions, to describe what her date had in store for her. Spoilers! Murder would have been preferable on this one.


Never Mind

evaholierhoek has seen his fair share of bad dates, but fortunately, he only had to witness this date go from bad to worse. And when we mean worse, we mean cringe-worthy bad.

“I was working in a small restaurant with two floors. A woman and a man came in and I had a table for them upstairs. It looked like they had a first date because they were asking those “getting to know each other”-questions. After ordering food the woman had to go to the toilet, which is downstairs. As she walked to the stairs, the food arrived. She walked down, tripped and fell all the way down knocking her head on the ground. Two colleagues immediately rushed over to her to see how she was doing. She was unconscious and bleeding from her head so they called an ambulance. I went to the man while he already started eating and told him his partner (didn’t know how to call her) fell down the stairs and that she was unconscious and that an ambulance was on the way. He walked to the stairs, looked down and walked back to his table to finish his food. Later the ambulance arrived and I asked him if he wanted to go with her to the hospital and he said no while finishing her food as well. It was so awkward he just sat there for another 45 minutes eating, drinking, paid the bill and left. I still don’t know what kind of relationship they had and whether the woman is okay.”

The More The Merrier

A Whisper user posted this anonymous confession of his first date. The thing is, he was only expecting to impress one person. It turns out that wasn’t the case. They had to sit there and get to know one another in the company of her freaking parents. A chaperone? In this day and age?

Longest Date Ever

_laceyface didn’t mind waiting on this guy’s table for a long period of time. Too bad his date couldn’t say the same. You’ll be shocked by how many hours the young lady stuck it out and why. The awkwardness is palpable.

“I work in an Italian restaurant. A few years ago I waited on a guy and girl who met for the first time upon arriving at the restaurant. There were awkward pleasantries exchanged at the door and then they were seated.

When I was taking their order the guy asked if we had soup because he had mouth surgery a few days prior and chewing food was still a little rough. We don’t have soup, so I explained that the “softest” food on the menu was gnocchi. He ordered the house gnocchi and proceeded to cut each tiny dumpling into four or more pieces and slowly chew each piece. He ate that entire dish over a 3-hour period and the girl stuck it out for the whole thing. She looked miserable and I’m pretty sure they never saw each other again.”


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10 Shocking First Dates That People Actually Experienced

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