10 Surprising Pixar Movie Facts That Are Mind-Boggling


We know that some of the things we see in animated films are completely bogus, like the house on “Up” being lifted by balloons, or creatures under the sea talking like in “Finding Nemo”. But here are some movie facts from some of your favorite Pixar films that will leave your backside bruised when you fall back from the shock of these all too revealing fun facts.


Stop Clowning AroundDisney-Movies

“Finding Nemo” almost brought about the extinction of an underwater species. When the film came out, it made clownfish way too popular. In fact, they were so popular that people were buying them left and right. The only problem was that in some areas, this nearly resulted in the local extinction of the clownfish, cause we all know that fishes go belly up in fish tanks.



Not Scottish EnoughDisney-Movies

You didn’t have to be Scottish to take on the role of Merida in “Brave,” but what you did need to be is a good actress, which unfortunately, for this role, Reese Witherspoon wasn’t. That’s right! She was all up for the role of Merida, but she couldn’t pull the Scottish accent off as well as she would have liked, so like a real trooper, she backed off and allowed someone else to take on the role.



Where’s Andy’s Dad


Remember Andy from “Toy Story”? Did you ever wonder why he doesn’t have a dad? Neither did we, but for those of you who care about such trivial things, Pixar claims that it was all about budget issues. It turns out that animated human characters are a lot more expensive than creating Buzz Lightyear. Besides, the movie was called “Toy Story” not “Human Story”.


Up, Up And AwayDisney-Movies

In the movie “Up,” we saw Carl’s house go… well, up courtesy of 20,622 balloons. But in a world without the magic of Pixar, it would take over 9.4 million balloons to make a home go airborne and keep it from crashing violently on the ground. But the good news is, it’s not impossible. You just need to invest in plenty of balloons and helium tanks. Now, who’s ready to fly.



The Toddler Behind The MonstersDisney-Movies

Some people claim that toddlers are little monsters, but in the case of Boo from “Monsters, Inc.,” it just so happens to be true because the little girl who voiced the character was Mary Gibbs, the daughter of a storyboard artist from the movie. To get her to say and do all the things that Boo did in the movie, her mom would tickle her, take things away from her to get the sound of real emotions for the character.



The Apple Of Eve’s EyeDisney-Movies

If you ever wondered why Eve from “Wall-E” looks so familiar, it’s because Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jonathan Ive had a hand in coming up with that seemingly perfect sleek look for Eve, which made Wall-E’s circuit boards overload because she was so beautiful… for a machine that is. But can Ive design a computer that looks more like Eve?


Disney’s Name SakeDisney-Movies

Walt Disney may be long gone, unless you believe those insane rumors of his head being cryogenically preserved, but his name continues to live on. No, we’re not just talking about his amazing Disney resorts. We’re talking about his electronic namesake. That’s right! Wall-E was actually named after Walter Elias Disney.


The Secret List Of RulesDisney-Movies

Pixar is not one for repeating itself or copying off of others, so when they first started out, they came up a secret list of rules that banned the use of certain villains, love stories, and songs, so that when they produced an animated film, it would be a hundred percent original, and no one could come down on them claiming they had stolen their idea.


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10 Surprising Pixar Movie Facts That Are Mind-Boggling

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