10 Types Of Difficult Clients And On How To Deal With Them Like a Pro


No one knows how tough dealing with difficult clients can be, better than an advertising agency like Coplex. The client may always be right, but they’ll also nitpick, have unrealistic expectations, and expect everything done yesterday. Sadly, you’ll encounter all types of difficult clients, no matter what field you’re in. Fortunately, there are ways to handle them without losing your business by telling them to take a hike. And when all else fails, the word “no” is always an option, you know?


Hurry Up!Clients-1

Just because you agreed to take on a project, it didn’t mean that you were promising to fold your arms and blink it to completion in a quick second. But you don’t have to be rude. You just have to remind them of the difference between expectations and reality.



He Can’t Make Up His MindClients-2

Do you ever have the feeling that he wants you to go, but then get the feeling that he wants you to stay? If the client is constantly changing his mind on the rules of how they want things done, keep proof of their erratic demands. Screencap those emails if you have to, and always ask for written communication and guidelines.


They’re Freaking OutClients-3

It doesn’t matter how much the client is willing to pay, if he’s setting an unrealistic timetable, you just have to remind them politely that they’re not the center of the universe and they are not your only client. Worst case scenario, they’ll simply walk away and let you be. Be clear on your boundaries from the get go.


They Don’t Believe In Set HoursClients-4

Unless you’re a doctor, you’re not on-call 24/7. You have set hours, be it 8 to 6 or 9 to 5, so stick to that. You have friends, family and a social life that demand attention. If they want more time out of your hectic schedule, then let them hire someone else or charge a surplus if you’re willing to work extra.


They’re Picky About EverythingClient-5

They reject your product because you didn’t adhere 100 percent to their vision, and that’s okay because it’s their money they’re investing, but you can’t please everyone, and if you can’t meet their goal, then don’t be embarrassed to look for a client who knows what they want, and/or are willing to listen to an expert.

They Expect Added WorkClient-6

Expanding the scope of a project after you’ve agreed on it and the price is a business faux pas on the client’s part. If you give a client an inch, some of them will demand a mile, and they’ll expect that mile without even asking for it. Be clear, professional, and don’t be afraid to remind them that your previous agreement didn’t include those extra perks the client is now requesting.


Are You Done Yet?Client-7

There’s nothing worse than being left alone to work on a project because you assume that the client has faith in you, and then have them reemerge and demand an update and an estimated time of completion. You don’t need anyone looking over your shoulder.

The Nice Way To Say “Change It”Client-8

They tell you they love it, but only if you seemingly change everything about it. Essentially, they’re telling you they hated it and they expect you to redo the whole thing, waste your time, and you don’t even get paid for the extra work you put in. That’s why you need to be extremely clear in the beginning and go through the guidelines and review the client’s brief to make sure you have clear directions.


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10 Types Of Difficult Clients And On How To Deal With Them Like a Pro

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