10 Years From Now, No One Will Even Remember These Totally Outdated Things Existed


People are always saying to never forget the past or you’ll be doomed to repeat it. But these 10 things are about as outdated as 8-track tapes, perms, and shoulder pads, and unlike the dinosaurs, people will likely forget about these things in ten years’ time and never even realize that we actually had a use for them. So, don’t fight it, cause no matter what you do, you’re going to fuhgeddaboudit.


Movie Times In Newspapers

Memory-1Seriously, who even does this anymore? Unless you’re living under a rock, or off the grid, you’ve got a desktop computer or a laptop with internet access. So you don’t need to rely on a piece of paper to tell you when the movie starts. Nothing beats Netflix and chill on a Friday night after swiping left on a couple of beauties.



Two Tapes, One MovieMemory-2

Remember that epic love story that was Titanic when it came out in 1997? Well, the ship wasn’t the only thing that was titanic, so was the length of it. The runtime was so long it needed two VHS tapes. Then DVDs came into existence and you were grateful for all the extra space in our DVD shelf.


Printed Out DirectionsMemory-3

You can always ask your passenger to look up the directions on your phone, or have Siri read them out to you. Then there’s that amazing piece of technology called a GPS, which can give you visual and audio directions, and in the process, helps you save trees.



Y2K, Armageddon’s HereMemory-4

Remember how months, weeks, and days before the new millennium, everyone thought the world was about to end, at least, the world of electronics was about to come crashing down? Yeah, allegedly. Then we learned it was all a “miscalculation”, so we won’t have to worry about the world ending… until we stumble upon a video on YouTube claiming we’re all going to die in 2018.


Texting Was A Nightmare

Memory-5Millennials don’t realize just how insane texting was. Now we all have those phones with an alphanumeric touchpad, or if you’re really fancy, you’ve got a digital keyboard on your Smartphone, and those phones from days past remain a distant nightmare.


Dial Up InternetMemory-6

It seems like yesterday when dial-up internet was the rage, even though it took the side of forever to connect to the internet and you ended up wrecking everyone’s day at home when you were on it, cause they couldn’t make a phone call.


Those 1 Hour Photos


You had to wait an hour to get your photos developed and even then, some of them didn’t come out the way you’d hoped. Now, thanks to digital cameras, we can take a photo, look at it, delete it if we hate it, and retake it right on the spot.


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10 Years From Now, No One Will Even Remember These Totally Outdated Things Existed

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