If You’re a Plus Size Beauty, You’ll Probably Relate To All Of These Things


Thin, thick, slim, curvy, plus size, small, short, flat, busty. However you like to define your shape, know that we’re all beautiful in our own way just by being ourselves, by being different from the girl next door. And that’s a beautiful thing! But when you’re plus sized, you have to deal with a lot of hoopla, like that annoying red line you get when you sit down, reminding you that your lovely lady lumps were squeezing a little too tight against your jeans. We love navigating our curves, and if you do too, you’ll be screaming “Omg, Same!” when you check out these 10 VERY real situations plus sized babes go through.


That Annoying Red LinePlus-Size

You’ve been wearing tight jeans all day while sitting at a desk from 9 to 5, but now that you’re home, you’ve unbuttoned your pants, only to find out there’s a strange red pattern on your frontal hump. When did you grab a Sharpie and started drawing on yourself?



You Have A Makeshift Snack Table


Momma knows how to roll. You don’t need to invest in those folding tables when you eat dinner in front of the TV, because of the benefits of having a little potbelly is that you can place the food tray over that luscious tummy of yours. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flick.


Your Experience Tummy SweatPlus-Size

When it’s time to hit the gym, (Hum, yeah hater! Big girls also workout!) you realize that doing abs takes a lot of effort. Every time you bend, your chunky rolls fold over and squeeze tighter than an indie rocker’s skinny jeans. Because of all the extra work they’re doing, you end up with a lot of tummy sweat. Good thing you love working out in the winter!


Slouching Is A Huge No-No


You can’t even relax your shoulders and slouch a bit after a rough day at work or even while you’re at work because then your girls give your belly a high five. Nothing a decent push up bra with a good structure can’t fix, huh?

Now You See It, Now You Don’tPlus Size

When you lie on your back, it seems like your stomach is flat like a fitness model. It almost fools you into thinking that diet is finally working. Then you turn on your side, and suddenly, your tummy is back!


Your Tummy’s Your Armor

Plus SizeA little extra in your tummy isn’t a bad thing, really. Who doesn’t have a few rolls here and there? But you know it definitely comes in handy when you’re totally clumsy, and bump into walls when you turn a corner or bump into furniture. Don’t think of your stomach as a curse, but rather an asset that keeps you from bumping into things.


When Are You Due?

Plus SizeOh, that one question hurts more than getting punched in the gut, especially when you’re wearing a smocking hot new dress or loose-fitting shirt, but you might as well take advantage of it if you’re on the bus or the train, and tell them any day now and ask for their seat. Take that!


When Your Girls SweatPlus Size

Summer is definitely not a girl’s best friend, especially when you’re plus size or have a huge rack. Sure, you look around for an ice cream shop, a shopping center, or a supermarket with A/C, but before you know it you wind up with two giant watermarks underneath your girlies.


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If You’re a Plus Size Beauty, You’ll Probably Relate To All Of These Things

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