Prosthetic Makeup Is So On Point, You Won’t Believe This Isn’t CGI Or 3D


Who needs special effects when you’ve got a group of talented artists from The Prosthetic Renaissance Company? They’re so talented they can make you believe in monsters, aliens, and premature aging. So, it looks like digital effects may be taking a backseat to some of the talent that can make someone go from pretty to exotic to creepy or even hideous faster than you can say lights, camera, action!


A wrinkly preview of things to come

Pro-Makeup-1Man, talk about watching your life flash before your eyes. This artist from Prosthetic Renaissance did such a fine job on herself that even her hands look convincing. At least now she’s got some idea of what she’ll look like when she grows older, and it’s a beautiful sight!



Be Stiller My Beating HeartPro-Makeup-2

Looks like Ben Stiller now has a better understanding of geriatrics after this aging makeover. You’d never even recognize him on the streets unless you look deep into his eyes. It’s amazing and a little scary to see how believable makeup is. The sky’s the limit when you’re a skillful artist.


Subtle But GoodPro-Makeup-3

This may very well be one of the most realistic aging make-ups we’ve seen. If she walked up to us on a bus or a train, we might be inclined to give up our seat, because we’re nice that way. Even the hint of gray in her hair is perfect, and the clothing is just icing on the cake.


A Face You Can Grow To LovePro-Makeup-4

The artists at Prosthetic Renaissance can create some spectacular faces with the help of prosthetic and make-up techniques that are out of this world. Now this is the kind of face that only a mother can truly love, but we’re sure it saved Hollywood some big bucks by not going all CGI.


What Curious Case IndeedPro-Makeup-5

Whoa! Anyone else experience a Curious Case of Benjamin Button Deja vu phenomenon here? It’s like the aging process is rapidly creeping up this child’s body. The wrinkles on the neck and hands are breathtaking. It really looks like this kid is losing a race against time.


Zombies Don’t Believe In Romance

Pro-Makeup-6Thanks to a Prosthetic Renaissance artist, we got to see what it would look like if someone tried kissing a zombie. Talk about a kiss gone wrong! It’s so frightening it almost makes you want to jump away, and how they got this guy to hide his lips is a mystery only the artist knows.


Shrek This OutPro-Makeup-7

Think of all the cash that Hollywood could have saved themselves if they’d used real life actors in awesome make-up like this one to make a live-action Shrek movie? The work and dedication is enough to make anyone green with envy.


Marlon Brando Would Be Pleased

Pro-Makeup-8It’s not really a bad trade off to go from young and deliciously handsome, to looking like a superb Hollywood actor playing the role of an iconic and powerful mafia boss in “The Godfather.” We’re sure Brando would get a kick out of it.


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Prosthetic Makeup Is So On Point, You Won’t Believe This Isn’t CGI Or 3D

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