Queen Of The Dark Embraces Her Incredible Dark Skin, Goes Viral


Imagine having the deepest pigmented skin ever, which could put a whole new spin on the saying, “chocolate is elegant”. But just as you’re loving your skin color, someone tells you to bleach your incredibly dark skin? Yeah, like that’s going to happen! Many people wouldn’t take that from anyone, and neither did this South Sudanese model who’s calling for acceptance. She loves her hauntingly beautiful dark skin and so does the fashion industry.


Black Is Bold, Black Is GoldQueen-Dark-1

24-year-old South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech is revolutionizing the fashion industry with her deeply pigmented dark skin. It’s so dark in fact, that she looks like a beautiful silhouette, and she wants people to embrace her unique attribute. Her natural complexion photographs like a dream come true. But photographers and designers aren’t the only ones falling in love with the Sudanese beauty.


Everybody’s A CriticDark-Queen-2

Before Nyakim Gatwech found success in the modeling industry, not everyone was eager to celebrate the skin tone that made her so unique, and oh-so gorgeous. As you can imagine, the girl who is now praised for being uniquely beautiful, was once bullied, hardcore.

Oh, No, Uber Didn’t

Dark-Queen-3Back in 2016, an Uber driver told Nyakim that she should bleach her skin, basically implying that her dark complexion was anything but pretty, and that’s just sad that someone felt that way. But since when is it okay for anyone to body shame someone over the color of their skin?

Laughter Is The Best Weapon

Dark-Queen-4Did Nyakim get mad? Did she scream? Did she whack her finger at the Uber driver? No. She simply laughed at his short-sightedness and has since embraced her appearance. Sticks and stones may break your bones, huh?


Girl’s Gotta Represent

Dark-Queen-5She’s become an Instagram sensation in such a short time. “My Chocolate is elegant. So is what I represent… a nation of warriors,” she captioned on one of her Instagram photos. This sultry chocolate goddess is also quite the modelling expert, gracing dozens of beautiful editorial shots.

Her Skin Is Her Voice

Dark-Queen-6Nyakim, who now lives in Minneapolis, has become the voice of encouragement for the Black community. It’s her hope that her pride will shine and melt away the ignorance that dark skin isn’t beautiful.


Love Thyself


She wrote, “You are beyond beautiful and the love I have for you is unconditional because you are me.” Once again, she’s proven that skin color is what makes the world amazing. If we all looked the same, wouldn’t this be quite a boring world?


We’re More Than Skin

Dark-Queen-8Nyakim wants people to embrace the different types of dark skin tones, but she also stresses that beyond that dark, beautiful skin, there’s intelligence ready to explode and make a difference in the world.


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Queen Of The Dark Embraces Her Incredible Dark Skin, Goes Viral

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