Talk About Dedication! Five Friends Meet Up Every 5 Years To Take Same Photo


It sounds insane, but the 5 guys meet up every 5 years to take the same photo at the Siskiyou Country reservoir, and it’s a date they’ve never cancelled for the last 35 years. Now the Five Year Photo Project has gone viral as the 8th installment in the series makes its glorious debut in 2017. Boy, have things changed!


In The Beginning…

Brothers-1There were 5 guys named John Wardlaw, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney, John Molony, and John Dickson, who went on vacation near Copco Lake in Northern California when they were all 19 in 1982. They probably had no clue they’ll end up being friends for years to come!



The Brotherhood Of The Five Year Photo

Brothers-2The pals from Santa Barbara, California decided that they would meet up at the Siskiyou County reservoir every five years to recreate the exact same photo. They showed up in 1987! Little did they know that their hilarious photo shoot would be shared countless times online, later down the road!


Whatever It Takes

Brothers-3In 1992, the weather was cloudy and it was a bit colder, so sadly, the boys had to show a little less skin and wear shirts. But they kept the same facial expression and pose they had in the 1982 pic. Check out those 90s t-shirts and hairstyles! Ay, ay, ay!


They Strayed A Bit

Brothers-4By 1997, the boys admitted that they had strayed a bit from the original photos, but they do look more polished and mature now. Some of them smiled a bit more, and another hunched forward a bit, but they swore they’d try to fix those mistakes in future photos. You only get better with time, or so they say!


Joke’s On You

Brothers-5In 2002, everyone got back to duplicating the original photos, but John M., forgot his sunglasses so the boys made a joke about using a huge jar. Clearly, this friendship was here to stay. I wonder if this band of boys were fond of 2000’s boy bands, too? Ah! Those were the times!


It’s The Perfect Match

Brothers-6In 2007, the boys found a jar that matched the original one seen in the 1982 photo and a standardized hat was also used for all the photos that followed. They quickly learned to match their facial expressions with the body positioning. Man, this pack of five has a lot of free time!


What’s In The Jar?

Brothers-7In 2012, the men had gotten a little grayer and seasoned, but their bond was ageless. Plus, they’d tracked down the original duplicate of the Robert Young photo and placed it in the jar. Who would’ve imagined that decades later, this mighty pack of five would be hanging out together, still as goofy as always?


Shirtless Again

Brothers-8Hello shirtless men, we meet again in 2017! For the first time in 30 years, three of the five men were shirtless once again, and we have to admit, they look pretty freaking good. We wouldn’t mind hanging out with a bunch of friends who definitely know how to have a good time. These five must be the life of the party!


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Talk About Dedication! Five Friends Meet Up Every 5 Years To Take Same Photo

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