The Secret To Happiness Lies In These 10 Simple Things You Should Start Doing Today


Have you ever noticed that some people never stop smiling, cheering, and being positive about life? They’re genuinely happy, which makes you a little jealous, because you want to be that happy as well.  Problem is, you just aren’t sure how to get there! Well, if you want to be happy then here are a few secrets that will definitely cure your Debbie Downer syndrome and turn your frown upside down.

Bathe In Positivity

Source: Huffington Post

The key to happiness is to surround yourself with happy people and avoid folks who are overly pessimistic. This doesn’t mean that you have to ditch that friend who’s always complaining or is severely depressed. Perhaps, you can be their ray of sunshine, so stay positive when you hang out with them. But make sure to expand your circle by mingling with people who are fun and upbeat. All that positivity is guaranteed to rub off on you.

Count Your Blessings

Source: Annzee’s Life

We’re not going to pretend like we don’t all have problems. But there are a lot of things to be grateful for, so focus on trying to count your blessings every day. There is so much going on in your life to be grateful for! Like having adorable siblings that listen to you, being able to go for lunch with mom, getting that invite to your friend’s pool party, or finally being able to purchase that lovely dress you’ve been eyeing for months. Happy people know you don’t need a lot going on to be happy. You just have to open your eyes.


Do Good, Feel Good

Source: Twitter

A happy person helps someone out just because. No one said there had to be a reason! Just do something out of the kindness of your heart, especially if it involves a perfect stranger. Helping someone will make you feel good about yourself, too. Talk about a win-win situation!

Love Your Flaws

Source: Pinterest

No one is perfect, so don’t look down at your flaws. Embrace them and love them because they’re what make you who you are. The key to happiness is accepting the fact that true perfection does not and will never exist.

Exercise Every Other Day

Source: Twitter

Sometimes, our body needs a little push to get our brain to release all those happy chemicals, like dopamine and oxytocin. So, whether you jog, ride your bicycle, or go to the gym, you’ll not only lead a healthier life, but you’ll release all those endorphins that make you feel oh-so good.

Don’t Judge

Source: Twitter

A person who’s happy doesn’t need to be pointing fingers or judging someone. Tearing someone down brings you down, too. It’s not only time consuming, but it’s also unnecessary. You’re better off helping to uplift others.

Respect Your Boundaries

Source: Huffington Post

You don’t have to be a bad friend, but you also have to set some boundaries when dealing with an unpleasant conversation or when being asked for a favor you don’t want to do. It’s okay to respect your personal time, space and, emotions and just say no.

Get Rid Of Toxic People

Source: Google Plus

It’s one thing to deal with someone who’s negative about themselves. Dealing with someone that talks bad about other people is downright exhausting. You simply don’t need all that toxic energy infecting your life, so you’re better off sitting that person down and explaining how you feel. And if nothing seems to work, simply consider the possibility of walking away.

You Live In The Moment

Source: Pinterest

As a happy person, you need to learn to live in the moment without being too afraid to embrace changes. Life will inevitably throw some curve balls at you. But don’t fret. The way to happiness involves accepting that there’s a reason for everything—good or bad—that happens to you.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Source: Huffington Post

Comparison is great if you’re shopping, but it’s your Kryptonite if you’re trying to be happy. Remember that other people’s bodies, hopes, dreams, and lifestyles aren’t meant for everyone. They have their life, and you have your own. Stop trying to copy someone else’s life, and instead, focus on being the best you can be, and enjoying your very own life, decisions, and all the people you surround yourself with.

What is your key to being happy? Let us know in the comments!


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The Secret To Happiness Lies In These 10 Simple Things You Should Start Doing Today

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