The Ta-Ta Towels Are Here, And They’re A Girl’s Best Friend


Breast sweat is probably one of the worst issues that women have to contend with, next to giving birth, of course. But thanks to one crafty inventor by the name of Erin Robertson, women no longer have to worry about boob sweat ever again. It can even be the ultimate life-saver for those moms who are nursing and are trying to avoid embarrassing leakage too, or those who simply can’t help but end up with a pool of sweat under their lovely lady lumps.


Erin Robertson Relates To Us Girlstatas-1

We’re talking specifically about boob sweat, which creeps up on women when they’re out and about, lounging in the house, hitting the gym, or spa, or when they’re in school. Not only is unsightly, but it’s embarrassing for some people too, and can potentially ruin your clothes, as often times it’s really hard to remove those stains. Sadly, there’s no such thing as antiperspirant deodorant for breasts, but there is the Ta-Ta- Towel, thanks to founder and creator, Erin Robertson.



Bye Bye Boob Sweat

Tatas-It’s tough enough putting makeup on and making it look flawless without worrying about the massive amount of sweat that your breasts are producing. The moment you notice it you realize that if they’re sweating now, it’s only going to get worse when you put on your dress to go out on a date or get ready for work.



Fortunately, Robertson Got Hands OnTatas-3


You don’t use the Ta-Ta Towel on your hair, and it’s not really meant to be used on any other part of your body. Its sole purpose in life is to keep your chest wrapped so the Ta-Ta towel can absorb any sweat your girls produce. This way, you’ll never have to worry about boob sweat again, like ever.


It’s Sort Of Like a Nifty Scarf


Not only will it perk your breasts right up but will keep them dry all at the same time, especially when you’re chilling in the house and drinking some tea, cause the last thing you want to think about when you’re relaxing on the couch, and watching “Stranger Things” is boob sweat dripping down your stomach.



Sweat Be Gone!



When Robertson came up with this idea back in the summer of 2015, she herself was sweating buckets while getting herself ready for a date in her non-air-conditioned apartment in L.A. That’s when she came up with the Ta-Ta Towel which could prevent stained shirts, rashes and discomfort.


After a Date, Robertson Conceived The Prototype


After trying it on herself and realizing that the Ta-Ta Towel worked, she began handing them out to her friends of different breast sizes to try. Two years later, Robertson got herself a patent, and started selling her product in sizes C through H at a women’s expo, before eventually launching them online. Since then, she’s been overwhelmed with dozens of pre-orders.


The Ta-Ta Towel Is An Ally



Whether you’re hanging out indoors, lounging by the pool outside, or even watering your plants, this unique invention will keep your boobs nice and dry. Plus, they look incredibly glamorous, and stylish, especially considering it’s just a towel that’s shaped like a bra.


The Ta-Ta Towel Is Here To Stay


It’s particularly useful for women who are breastfeeding as well because the material of the towel is made of soft cotton lining that actually feels like heaven on those otherwise sore nipples. It’s also great for women undergoing radiation treatment, who often develop sensitive skin. It even helps women with diabetes, who deal with yeast infections under the breasts too.


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The Ta-Ta Towels Are Here, And They’re A Girl’s Best Friend

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