These Hilarious Pics Prove You Can’t Even Blink When You Have Kids


Being a parent is a tough job, but even when kids misbehave or totally wreck your overly priced electronics, you find a way to just laugh it off, because they’re priceless and leave you with some wonderful memories before they’re teenagers. Now just imagine the worst kind of trouble your tiny tots can get into and you’ll find some of the most brilliant kid fails ever. Now sit back, relax, and if you’re not a parent yet, just be glad to know you don’t have to deal with this for a while.

This Dog Became A True LadyKids-1

The owner can start calling his dog a ‘great dame’ after his niece gave the pooch an extreme makeover. To be fair, his niece is one hell of a stylist! But if dogs could talk, this one would say, “How did I let this happen?”

You’re In Prison, BabyKids-2

The baby inside the dog kennel will grow up to resent their big sister if she doesn’t let him out fast. Not only does the baby now stink to high heaven, but he could potentially have fleas thanks to this sisterly prank. Just look at the satisfaction is that little girl’s face! It’s clear who has the alpha personality in this family.



The Day Things Got MuddyKids-3

Her parents must have had quite a fright after seeing their daughter turned into a mud monster. She’s like a mini-Uruk-hai from “Lord of the Rings.” Better get that hose ready before she tracks mud into the house, and you KNOW she’ll want to get in and sit on the couch without even washing it off, first. Time to get the hose, honey!


Talk About A Blank ScreenKids-4

Well, so much for doing that marathon of “Game of Thrones” you and the wife had planned. At least you have a legitimate excuse to go and buy yourself a bigger TV. Just don’t forget that babies and paint don’t mix!

Using The Paint ProgramKids-5

Just look at Ms. Thang over there doodling like a pro. Hey! It’s not her fault that no one told her the difference between using the paint program and actually painting on the screen. This little Picasso will soon discover that her paintings might not sell for big bucks, but her painting does cost her parents a ton of money.


This Dog’s Truly OutrageousKids-6

This is totally paw-some! The moment the parents turned around, some kid turned their pup into Jem from “Jem and the Holograms”. But can the pooch strut down a runway in those heels and communicate with Synergy by pressing on her earring? Didn’t think so.


This Kid’s So Greasy

Kids-7On the plus side, he’ll have great looking skin when he grows up, but good luck picking him up. He’s more slippery than an eel! Looks like mom and dad will need to use lots and lots of liquid soap to get rid of this shenanigan. It’s time to lock up the cabinets.


Gotta Try Em AllKids-8

A heart shaped box full of chocolates only tastes half as sweet. Guess Forrest Gump was right after all, life really is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get… when you have kids.


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These Hilarious Pics Prove You Can’t Even Blink When You Have Kids

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