This Hilarious Experiment Shows What People Look Like After 1,2, 3 Glasses Of Wine


It’s easy to have fun when you’re happy and relaxed, and what better way to get there than through a bit of synthetic happiness, aka wine! So Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti decided to do a photo project called “3 Glasses Later” to show us how people’s expressions go from rigid to beautiful and in some cases, totally hilarious after a few drinks. So what if you had to deal with being hungover in the morning? This experiment is all kinds of fun!


Smile, You’re On Wine-y Camera

Wine-1Uh-oh! Looks like Paul Bunyan over here is starting to loosen up after his first glass. We just love how his face softens by the time he’s had the second glass. But by the third, he’s just looking at you and saying, “What? I’m not drunk. Stop staring at me! I’m just happy. Really!” What a transformation!



Barely Holding It TogetherWine-2

Notice something odd? It seems that with each glass, she’s showing more of a smile, but that’s not all. It seems her smile isn’t the only thing loosening up; her shirt, or some of it, appears to be sliding off. Guess some people can’t hold their liquor or their shirts by the third glass.


Oh, Those Bedroom Eyes

Wine-3We were sold the moment we looked into his eyes, and by the first drink, you can tell that he’s totally fun. With the second glass, you know he’s looking to have fun and laugh the night off. And by the third glass, he looks like he’s ready to cut the night short and call it quits. Hey, not everyone can handle their liquor, right?


What’s Happening To Me?Wine-4

Talk about letting your hair down! It’s called letting loose and having some fun, but it’s not always easy to embrace. With her first glass, she was playing peek-a-boo. By her second glass, she was playing with her hair, and by the third glass, her smile completely improved. Oh yeah! This is one girl who knows how to have fun!

Look Into My Eyes


This guy starts off with a faint smile, but you can totally tell he’s one confident son of a gun. By the second glass, he’s looking like he’s starting to lose it, but he really doesn’t care much. By the third glass, his happiness is extremely obvious, and we bet he can’t wait to put all that energy to good use. Who wants to go out dancing? This guy does!


From Mugshot To Sniffer

Wine-6She went from looking like she was part of a line-up to being flirty after the first glass. By the second, she was already winking and smiling seductively. Some people need a little wine to let loose. This woman needed three glasses to realize life is too short to be serious all the time.


Full Of FunWine-7

After the first glass, he’s looking at us like he hardly feels the buzz. By the second glass, he’s like, “Uh, oh! I’m starting to feel something and it feels so good!” By the third one, he’s completely transformed, proving a few glasses of wine is all you need to beat the office blues.


Here’s Looking At You, KidWine-8

Nah, alcohol doesn’t do anything for her. Okay, after one glass, she’s making funny faces, so perhaps she is kind of feeling it. By the second glass, she’s got bangs and has turned herself into Penelope Cruz – ready to mingle and let go. By the third, she’s acting like she took a hit of giggle gas before coming over.


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This Hilarious Experiment Shows What People Look Like After 1,2, 3 Glasses Of Wine

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