This Social Experiment Proves Anyone Can Become A Fake Instagram Star


You don’t have to be a movie star to influence the world of marketing. In some cases, all it takes is just a bit of deception, and by becoming a fake Instagram star, you too can wreak the same rewards that so many celebs milk off of every year. All it takes an Instagram account and your willingness to adopt a fake personality, and brands will be throwing money your way in no time. Check out this insane social experiment that proves we live in a crazy virtual world.


Just Fake It

Insta-1According to Mediakix, a marketing agency, you can make millions, and possibly even billions by becoming an influencing force in the market using something you probably already have, an Instagram account. You probably heard of influencers, who boast impressive social media accounts, but this is slightly different.


Trix Aren’t Just For Kids

Insta-2Mediaxix conducted an experiment to prove to people just how easy it is to get brands to shower you with money, so grab a notepad and a pen and getting ready to learn some nifty new tricks. Just don’t pull off this scam, as you’ll certainly get exposed.


Be Fake But Not Basic

Insta-3All it takes is two fake Instagram accounts, which Mediakix generated and inundated with content using nothing more than free stock photos found online, and on occasion a one-day photo shoot, to make it all seem real. Social media can be one shady place. But there’s more.


Buy Some Attention

Insta-4Grabbing people’s attention without losing your soul in the process isn’t easy. But if you can’t get any followers by playing nice, people can also be naughty and end up buying some followers. Granted, this would result in poor search results for your account, and eventually sponsors will found out, but this fake account bought some social media likes and followers and managed to fool a few brands who wanted to sponsor the fake account, faster than 1, 2, deceit!


Don’t Flag It Up

Insta-5Mediakix was concerned that buying too many followers would make Instagram flag their faux accounts, so they limited the number of followers they bought to a measly thousand per day to throw them off their backs. They wanted to show the world how easy it is to trick everyone into thinking you’re an influencer.


Let The Numbers Rise

Insta-6In time, the marketing agency discovered that they were able to buy up to 15,000 followers a day without risking Instagram shutting down the accounts. Numbers do sell when it comes to social media, evidently.


It Pays To FollowInsta-7

If you’re going to pay followers, relax, you won’t go broke. At most, you’d only have to pay $3 to $8 per 1,000 followers, according to the agency, and if you’re on the other end, don’t expect to get rich by following these accounts. They’re as fake as plastic!


It Pays To Like And Comment

Insta-8With a few thousand followers under their virtual belt, Mediakix offered 12 cents per comment and $4 to $9 per 1,000 likes, to make it seem like these accounts were ultra-popular. They were the talk of the virtual town, but behind virtual doors, the people commenting on their Instagram account were actually paid to do so.


10k Or Bust



After the fake accounts reached 10,000 followers, this made them eligible for Mediakix to apply them for sponsorship deals, which would have secured them some sweet deals and cash from name brands.

In The End, Being Real Does Matter

Insta-10Each account secured two paid brand deals, and all it cost Mediakix to accomplish this little experiment was $1000, which clearly proves that lying and cheating to get ahead is really easy if you know how to pull it off. This shocking social media experiment goes to show that we only get the tip of the iceberg on influencer and lifestyle blogger’s accounts. Many get a bit envious of the amazing lifestyle most influencers have without realizing there might be an entire agency behind it, or we could be getting fooled. At the end of the day, being real is the only way to grow your account. People that actually matter will be commenting and engaging in the long run.


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This Social Experiment Proves Anyone Can Become A Fake Instagram Star

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