You May Think Your Kids Are Misbehaving, But There’s a Reason Why They’re Acting Out


Yeah, you might think that your kid is totally out of control and could use a good old timeout, but locking them in their rooms or taking away their computer privileges doesn’t do the trick all the time. Often times, these timeouts could potentially be completely misplaced. As it turns out that some of this seemingly bad behavior, is not actually bad at all. Your child’s brain might simply be acting out as part of its development. So here are some signs that they’re on their way to growing up and not actually throwing a temper tantrum or making your life hard on purpose.


They’re Too ImpulsiveKids-1

You tell them not to do something, and they go ahead and do it anyway. It’s annoying, but they’re actually learning self-control, which is a long, and painfully slow process, they don’t even start learning until they’re no longer adolescents. It might drive us crazy, from time to time, but it’s important that they experiment on their own and understand the reasoning behind “NO”.



They’re Too Hyper


If they’re hyper or having a meltdown, it could simply be a reaction to too much activity and fun, but you can counter that without getting upset by balancing their up time with a little down time, which kids will pick up on and eventually learn to do on their own.

Physical Needs Affect ThemKids-3

Hunger, thirst, tiredness, and sickness are core conditions that can totally affect your child’s mood, but kids don’t always know how to communicate these things to an adult, so it’s necessary to recognize how different behaviors are a way of telling you what they need.


They’re Not VulcansKids-4

You can’t expect them to suppress and control their emotions, especially when kids go through a phase of crying, screaming, and yelling to get what they want at an early age. The best thing to do is to let them be. Don’t react or punish them and they’ll eventually settle down.


Kids Love To Move


Don’t expect them to obey you when you ask them to stand, sit, or lie still. Part of the way they develop more quickly is by being active by spending time running, riding a bike, crawling, swings, or jumping off things. Instead of getting mad, take them somewhere they can exert their energy like the park. Once you get there, let them run loose while you read a good book.


They Defy Your AuthorityKids-7

You say it’s cold, they say it’s warm. You tell them it’s bed time, they shout no. What a lovely dance, especially when it’s past their bed time, huh? What they’re trying to do is exert their own independence, which will allow them to develop a unique identity. By punishing their actions, you could be stomping their emotional growth.



They’re Their Own Worst EnemyKids-8

Their biggest strength can also be their biggest downfall, particularly if they’re incredibly driven, but fail, because they might have a tough time dealing with that failure. They may adopt a carpe diem way of life, but are horribly messy. When this happens, guide them, understand them, and love them.



Your Kid Just Wants To Have Fun


Child’s play is normal, and there’s nothing they love more than goofing off and being silly, becauseit opens them up to explore new emotions. So even though it might cut into your grown-up time, try to spend a little extra time playing with your kids.


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You May Think Your Kids Are Misbehaving, But There’s a Reason Why They’re Acting Out

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