You Probably Don’t Know This, But You May Suffer From Thalassophobia


These days, it seems like everyone has found a brand new phobia for just about anything, possibly even sneezing, but did you know that there are people that are actually afraid of the deep blue sea? Granted, there are a lot of reasons to be afraid of the ocean. But for some, just the thought of dipping their toes in the water will likely give them the case of the shakes. Here are some ridiculously real signs that you may be suffering from Thalassophobia.


What Lies BeneathFear-Water-1

We’re thinking there might be something lurking underneath the surface. Like what? Like a huge shark ready to nibble on your toes and legs like they were chicken wings. Even if you were on a boat, a shark could make the vessel capsize, right? Well apparently, being afraid of the deep sea waters is an actual condition. On one hand, it’s called “being smart” of course, but on the other hand, it’s called “Thalassophobia.”




Man OverboardFear-Water-2

For some, a case of Thalassophobia, aka the fear of the sea, comes from the fact that they can’t swim, and even if they can, they’ll eventually get tired and drown. Of course, you can float on your back, but how long can you hold out until help arrives, assuming it ever comes? Being afraid of the deep sea waters is starting to sound like a smart reaction to danger, don’t you think?


You Fear The UnknownFear-Water-3

The bottom of the ocean is like a strange new world full of unusual plant life, creatures, wonders, and terrors that can freeze your soul and make you choke on your oxygen mask. Suddenly, the world above doesn’t seem quite so bad, now does it?


You Hated 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea


Your mom read you the story, or you saw the original movie and the remake, and you’re just afraid that some giant octopus is going to latch on to you with its tentacles and drag you into the depth or make you lunch. No wonder you’re such a land dweller.



You’re Afraid Of Ghost ShipsFear-Water-5

You’ve seen “Ghost Ship” and are afraid that those sea voyagers who have gone before you and lost their lives are restless, and haunting the sea, and who knows? Maybe they want to take their misfortune out on you or take over your body and rejoin the land of the living.


You Saw TitanicWater-Fear-7

Sure, it looked cool on the big screen, even though the real-life tragedy was heartbreaking, but you’re thinking that all it will take is a floating iceberg to turn you into Leo DiCaprio at the bottom of the deep blue sea. Thanks, but for now, you’ll stay happy and dry at home.


You Can’t See AnythingWater-Fear-8

Most people can’t see a thing underneath the surface of the ocean, so the thought of cooling their heels is simply absurd. What if something comes up to munch on your legs like zombies? It’s not a fantasy. Just ask some people in Australia who fell victim to flesh eating sea lice!


Lost At Sea


You’re afraid that you might be out on a boat, lost at sea, without any fuel, and the radio doesn’t work. But you’re too far from any mainland to swim to shore and you’re starving, or worse, you’re aboard with two other passengers and they’re looking at you like you’re rotisserie chicken.


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You Probably Don’t Know This, But You May Suffer From Thalassophobia

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